Schalenentstaplung für Fertiggerichte

With a tray denester from QUPAQ you get an extremely advanced machine, which accurately and carefully ensures that the products are placed correctly into the trays. Whether it is foil trays, plastic trays, multi-chamber trays, cups or other, INTRAY or ANYTRAY is the right choice. We denest any kind of tray type depending on which product is going into the tray, and the denesting is precise and efficient.

Ready meal in trays

Every machine can be fully integrated into existing production lines and do not require much space. Also, they are easy to adjust according to whether the trays should be placed with the short or long side first on the conveyor belt.

What type of denester do I need for ready meal

In the ready meal industry, we recommend one or more of the following tray denesters when placing your ready meal products in an elegant and appetizing way into the trays:

Tray denester for ready meal

INTRAY and ANYTRAY tray denesters handle the denesting process efficiently and with a high-hygienic perspective, based on an open design that is easy to clean. High hygiene standards are critical to avoid bacteriological contamination. All parts are resistant to both water and industrial cleaning, and the machine meets the food industry's stringent requirements for hygiene and cleaning-friendliness.

INTRAY and ANYTRAY are the most advanced denesters when readymade food needs to be placed precisely and with care into foil trays, multi-chamber-trays, cups or shakers.

Entstapler für Fertiggerichte

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