17. 01. 2023

Future of Packaging

More than 25 partners visited us for 3 days filled with talks, meetings, product demonstrations and also a lot of casual events on the side.

      Future of Packaging

      That was the headline used for the first annual Partner Conference held by QUPAQ. More than 25 partners were invited to visit our headquarter for 3 days filled with talks, meetings, product demonstrations and also a lot of casual events on the side.

      Preparing a 3-day event like this, with people coming in from all around the world, have in itself been a fun project. We wanted to give our partners the best experience possible during their stay.

      Most arrived Tuesday January 10th and we had arranged a citywalk through Aalborg with a focus on art and design. Aalborg is known for its streetart around the city, and we also walked past ‘Kunsten’, the local artmuseum.

      The building is drawn by famous finnish architect Alvar Aalto, that enjoyed our friends from Finnvacum in Finland. We also took a look at the ‘Utzon Center’ housing Design & Architecture faculties from Aalborg University. This building is drawn by Jørn Utzon who of course is best known for his design of the Sydney Opera House.

      During the citywalk we passed a lot of the beautiful streetart around Aalborg.


      Main Conference

      The main conference took place Wednesday January 11th. Our friends from JuelConcept in Spain had prepared a good case-study from EC Medina before we dived into presenting QUPAQs R&D program for 2023. We received valuable feedback we will take into account on our continued innovation of the next generation of denesters and handling systems in development right now.

      After a short break we continued by telling the story of QUPAQ, our mission and values and how important reliable and engaged partners are to us in our strategy towards 2025. We also gave some exclusive insights into our vision for TrayBase and how QUPAQ will continue to support our partners.

      Read more about TrayBase here: Will they make the cut?

      After lunch we took a deep look on our product portfolio and finished with demonstrations of a wide array of our product lines on our shop floor. Coming from the more commercial product presentations we gave room for our technicians and developers to host the demonstrations, with a relevant real-life story included on each.

      Ulrik Juel from JuelConcept getting a demonstration of the INTRAY Steploader - a technology he knows well, which he presented earlier in the day.


      Visiting Himmerlandskød

      After the main conference was over, we enjoyed an evening together with a dinner and a 9-ball pool tournament downtown. All was held in good spirits. It surprised us a bit to see how competitive our partners are within pool. The final was a match between Premac and JMC with David Webster from JMC coming out on top. Well done!

      Information got shared among the partners, also during their visit to Himmerlandskød.


      Next day we got up early to visit Himmerlandskød in Farsø. QUPAQ have delivered a lot of the technology on the End of Line operations on the new facility, and it was great to see our technology in proper action at a high-end plant such as Himmerlandskød.

      3 great days with a lot of inspiring talks, new angles on the Food Manufacturing business and how we can set each other up for even more success in the future. QUPAQ thank all attendees for their pleasant visit and hope to see all again next year.

      We had a great afternoon with all our partners! We love being able to show our technology live.

      SealPac UK
      JMC Packaging
      Empirical Packaging Solutions
      Steen FoodTec

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