ANYTRAY CleanLine Buffer with Sidepusher

The ANYTRAY CleanLine Buffer with sidepusher is designed to consistently provide the ANYTRAY denester with trays at a speed up to 120 trays per minute. Available in left and right version.

The automatic feeding of the ANYTRAY CleanLine denester from a buffer of full height tray stacks offers less manual intervention and lower operating costs.

The system handles trays of different sizes and shapes.

It is ideal for the most specified tray type for example triangle trays.

Optimize production lines

The buffer is easily integrated in your existing production/packing line to further optimize processes.

The design includes automatic refilling of trays into the ANYTRAY Denester to automate your flow and the easy, one-minute changeover from one tray size to another reduces production stops.

Three reasons to choose ANYTRAY CleanLine Buffer with Sidepusher

Hygienic design

The hygienic design of the ANYTRAY Buffer with Sidepusher makes cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient. This ensures a clean production area.

Few moving parts

The long-lasting design, built with few mowing parts keeps your production running smoothly with few production stops and low maintenance costs.

120 trays per minute

Maximize your production capacity with high-speed, automated tray denesting. It has a capacity of 120 trays per minute.


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