ANYTRAY CleanLine Rack with FlatSkin Denester

    With a safe and and accurate dispensation, the denester easily separates the flat skin cardboards and ensure they are denested one by one onto your production line.

    The compact FlatSkin Denester also provides a tool free, one-minute change over from one type of denester to another.

    Accurate denests FlatSkin cardboards

    Each ANYTRAY CleanLine Flatskin Denester is custom made for one cardboard with specific length and width, but the ANYTRAY CleanLine Denester can handle cardboards of different material and size.

    Max capacity is up to 90 cardboards per minute.

    Technical specifications

    Weight of machine

    Tray length – max length

    Tray width – max width

    Infeed height

    Outfeed height

    Power supply

    Power consumption

    Max fuse

    Approx. 42 kg

    310 mm

    250 mm

    1000 mm +/-350 mm

    1000 mm +/-350 mm

    1×100-240 VAC+N+PE

    0.5 A

    10 A


    Max short circuit current (Ik max)

    Voltage for valves

    Operational temperature

    Stock temperature


    Noise level

    Steel quality

    50-60 Hz

    6 kA

    24 V DC




    < 80 dB (A)

    EN 1.4301

    Three reasons to choose ANYTRAY CleanLine Rack with FlatSkin Denester

    Full control

    Control the denesting speed to ensure the best production flow and the one-by-one denesting of plates for flatskin products.

    Low Costs

    The long-lasting design, built with few mowing parts keeps your production running smoothly with few production stops and low maintenance costs.

    Easy integration

    The ANYTRAY CleanLine Rack with Flatskin is easily integrated into your existing production to optimize your production flow and save labour-costs.

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