Unique step conveyor software allows you to place products in endless combinations, due to the complete placement control of the product in the tray



    Step Conveyor

    INTRAY Step Conveyor is an automatic denester and conveyor that loads products into trays in steps with the integrated shuttle conveyor. It can load the tray step-by-step and if necessary also back and forth.

    The Step Conveyor requires very little space compared to the volume and output.

    Need of speed, but still need time to fill the tray? No problem. With our Step Conveyor we denest directly onto a conveyor band in steps. This means you will have time to fill in the trays - manually or with other machines - before the next tray drops and you fill the next tray with your minced meat.

    The most flexible product loading line available. With the unique step conveyor software, you can place your products in endless combinations, due to the complete placement control of the product in the tray.

    That's fast, easy and clean.

    Product Info


    • Effective denesting like the INTRAY Buffer Stand
    • Denests in combination with retraction belt or filling station
    • Completely automatic denesting and loading of products directly into trays
    • Can step back and forth
    • Can place the product in multiple rows and layers in the tray
    • Unique software
    • Large buffer of trays in very little space
    • Automatic placement of product into the tray
    • No compressed air. Complete denesting control with servo driven denesting
    • Harsh environment ready - the Step Conveyor is designed for industrial cleaning (IP67 water protected)
    • Space-saving compact solution - occupies only 1 meter in the production line
    • Hygienic denesting - the Smart Tool endures industrial cleaning
    • Change to a different tray in less than 2 minutes
    • Integrated programmable control unit
    • Your plant technician can easily replace spare parts and be up and running within the hour
    • Product has no contact with line personnel during the whole process
    • Quick return of investment
    • Up to 100 portions per minute (tray depending)

    Three reasons to choose INTRAY Step Conveyor

    Unique software

    Can step back and forth and place the products in multiple rows and layers into the tray.


    Effective denesting and up to 100 portions per minute (tray depending).

    Efficient cleaning

    Open design and harsh environment ready that endures industrial cleaning (IP67 water protected).

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