Step Loader

Multi product per tray capability

The INTRAY Step Loader is designed to automatically denest trays and gently load various product types directly into the trays. The Step Loader offers an in-line compact solution to handle high capacities due to an innovative tray handling design.

The tray handling design enables the machine to load one or multiple products in pre-defined loading patterns in the tray.

Automatic product loading into tray

Step Loader is the solution when you want to automatically load mince, patties, pre-sliced cuts of poultry, meat, or fish safely and by step into your tray. The Step Loader is your fully automatic solution for loading products carefully and at high speeds into trays.

Three reasons to choose INTRAY Step Loader

Automatic loading

Automatic tray denesting and product loading by step. Multi product per tray capability.

Advanced design

The tray handling design enables loading of one or multiple products in pre-defined loading patterns into trays

High capacity

Automatic tray denesting for up to 140 portions per minute.

Product Info


  • Effective denesting by the INTRAY Smart Tool and Servo Buffer Stand
  • Easy and quick changeover of different trays
  • Easy, automatic, and simple recipe controlled loading patterns of products into trays
  • Patented design and automatic 100% electrical denesting
  • Up to 140 portions per minute
  • Tray conveyor with a step function
  • Product conveyor with advanced sensor technique
  • Product has no contact with line personnel during the whole process
  • Designed for industrial cleaning

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