LeanOne Diverger and Tray Turner

Diverger to split your product flow from single lane to twin lane. Utilize your tray sealer capacity by easily diverging your products into two lanes.

The multifunctional machine can also be changed into an effective tray turner allowing for multiple options to customize it to your production.

Changing from one tray size and from one setting to the other is quick and simple. Whichever setting you choose for your QUPAQ diverger, you will see a decrease in your production costs.

Standalone equipment

A Flexible Solution

This standalone machine can be easily integrated into both new and existing production lines. A flexible solution for transferring your production from manual labor to an automatic solution with a simple automatic machine from QUPAQ's ANYTRAY product range.

Capacity examples

Tray size 190x144 (500 g)

  • Diverging 140 trays/min
  • Tray turning 100 trays/min

Tray size 275x175 (1000 g)

  • Diverger 100 trays/min
  • Tray turning 45 trays/min

Tray size 325x265 (3000 g)

  • Diverger 100 trays/min
  • Tray turning 45 trays/min

Three reasons to choose ANYTRAY LeanOne Diverger and Tray Turner

Hygienic design

The hygienic design of the Diverger and Tray Turner means easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance of your processing line.

Easy change-over

This solution is design to ensure a quick switch between tray sizes or functions, keeping your production speed at the highest level.

Dual function

Save an entire production line by adding this standalone equipment.


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