Starwheel Tray Turner

    The Starwheel Tray Turner is designed for orienting trays so they are presented on the line in the direction required for easy handling in the following processing equipment.

    The Tray Turner is built as a stand-alone machine and will suit in any existing or new production line adding value to your processes.

    This means a short return on investment.

    High volume production

    The trays are guided into a servo driven Starwheel, that will turn the tray 90 degrees, in the wished direction, either it should be short edge or wide edge leading.

    The machine can turn tray sizes from very small to half gastro size.

    • Max tray size is 325x325
    • Max capacity is up to 120 trays per minute

    Three reasons to choose Starwheel Tray Turner

    Hygienic design

    The hygienic design of the Starwheel Tray Turner means easy and efficient cleaning and maintenance of your processing line.

    Easy change-over

    This solution is design to ensure a quick switch between tray sizes, keeping your production speed at the highest level.

    120 trays per minut

    Maximize your production capacity with high-speed, automated tray turning. It has a capacity of 120 trays per minute.

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