Patented automatic tray turning device


    Patented automatic tray turning device

    Tray Turner

    Automatic tray turning
    The Tray Turner is an all-round tray turner with a capacity of up to 120 trays per minute. It turns any sealable tray from either short side or long side leading.

    Complete tray turning control allows the device to gently turn the trays at high speeds, without affecting the actual product or position of the product inside the tray.

    The Tray Turner can be adjusted for different tray formats and is constructed with automatic speed regulation from the denester.

    Tray Turner comes including a conveyor, which is driven by a drum motor. It can be used in combination with e.g. INTRAY Step Loader or INTRAY Easy Loader, but can also be integrated into existing lines as a stand-alone machine. The complete tray turning control ensures the product maintains its position in the tray

    Technical specifications



    Up to 120 trays per minute (tray depending)

    Patented turning system

    Recipe controlled by Intray denester

    Compact length

    Conveyor driven by drum motor with frequency converter

    By-pass option

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