A Complete Range of Tray Denesting, Tray Loading & Handling Equipment

Tray Denesters

Discover precision and efficiency with the best, fastest, and most versatile Tray Denesters on the market.

Tray Loaders

QUPAQ offer a wide array of Tray Loaders to safely load your products into trays. With high speed, precision, and all the flexibility you need – now and in the future.

Tray Handling

QUPAQ’s food packaging expertise extends beyond denesting. We also automate the flow of trays and cases to minimize manual labor and maximize production efficiencies.


A Conveyor is more than moving products from A to B. Sometimes product loading can be done directly on the line. That’s Safe, Simple, and Scalable.

End of Line

Finish your packaging line with precision, reliability, and efficiency. QUPAQ’s robotics and intelligent software, ensure accuracy, speed, and adaptability with our End of Line equipment.


Quality Quantified

We know that the hygiene, efficiency, and reliability of tray denesting and handling automation
matter to our customers. But don’t take our word for it, take our numbers.

Our customers rely on QUPAQ to denest and handle over 10,000,000,000 trays annually. Bon appetit.

Dedicated to denesting and handling solutions for over a quarter of a century. We understand trays.

QUPAQ is the world leader in tray denesting and handling, and we’ve got the patents to prove it.


If You Can Make It, We Can Pack It

QUPAQ has broad and deep experience serving customers across all major food product categories packed in trays.


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National Packaging Design Day 2024

Explore the significance of tray selection when designing your packaging line, emphasizing the necessity of automation-ready trays for efficiency and reliability. Incorporating sustainability-minded tray options aligns with environmental responsibility and modern consumer demands, which help ensure your long-term success in the food manufacturing industry.

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