Food producing companies have enough on their plates without worrying about trays.

That’s why they increasingly rely on QUPAQ for all their tray denesting and handling solutions.

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The World Leader in Tray Denesting & Handling

QUPAQ is the world’s leading provider of tray denesters, loaders, and tray handling solutions for food packaging. For more than 26 years, we have helped food manufacturers automate and optimize their production lines, and our quality mission and promise are to deliver a safe, simple, and profitable product solution through our reliable, market-leading technologies. To put it shortly, QUPAQ helps minimizing costs while maximizing capacity.

Being innovative is part of our DNA, which is reflected in our broad product range consisting of our innovative technologies:

INTRAY – the global leader in electric tray denesting, and
ANYTRAY – the global leader in pneumatic tray denesting.

We are very proud to be pioneers in both technologies and the quality they deliver, and we are always striving to innovate and optimize them to maintain their position as food manufacturers’ preferred solution in their production lines.

Quality Quantified

For us, quality is the essence of what QUPAQ stands for. This applies especially to the products we deliver, but also to the collaborations and relationships we build with our customers and employees. We believe that a trusting relationship built on honesty and respect is crucial to our customers’ success – and therefore, our success too.            

Time after time.

Your operational continuity is our business. So we design, manufacture, and support reliable tray denesting and handling solutions that enable non-stop productivity and shorter lead times. It all comes down to uptime.

Automation made easy

Your production line team doesn’t need engineering degrees to work with QUPAQ denesting and handling equipment. In fact, our solutions save headcount as well as headaches. We design automation-friendly solutions that are as easy to operate as they are to maintain.

Change without the pain

Our compact, modular, flexible solutions make your line changes simple and fast. Whether you want to pack different products, scale volume up or down, change packaging, or integrate other equipment in your production lines, QUPAQ helps you reduce the complexity of changeover management.

No-compromise hygiene & ergonomics

The last thing you want your denester to do is increase call-backs, risk, and liability. That’s why we design food packaging solutions that not only think hygiene in from the ground up but reduce manual handling and lifting to boost workplace safety, too.

Support you can rely on

We know the importance of after-sales service and offer fast, reliable support 24/7. But we’re also firm believers in pre-sales problem solving and innovation. To learn how our application know-how and experience can improve your next project, just give us a call.

“QUPAQ has provided us with greater flexibility, even and constant denesting as well as low maintenance costs, and tray faults have been significantly reduced.”

Rasmus Haage Soerensen
Project Manager, Norfersk AS

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