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Kaufland Increases Efficiency with QUPAQ’s Solutions

Kaufland increases capacity at Osterfeld meat-packing center with QUPAQ’s tray denesting and product loading technology. By implementing a QUPAQ tray denesting and product loading solution, Kaufland can now achieve an output with one packaging line that previously required two.

Crafting the Future: Himmerlandskød Continues to Have Automation at Heart

Back in 2022, when Himmerlandskød was building a brand-new plant, Klaus Vestergaard, Facility Director at the site, recognized that in the world of modern food manufacturing, innovation and automation have become paramount to staying competitive.

Future-Proof Automation in Focus

“Next time we need automation there is no doubt we will contact QUPAQ”. This is the conclusion from Klaus Vestergaard, Facility Director at Himmerlandskød, after the installation of an all-new product line.

Reliable and Efficient Process Lines

”There is no doubt that electrical denesters are the way to go for us. INTRAY has provided us with greater flexibility, even and constant denesting as well as low maintenance costs.” Rasmus Haage Sørensen, Project Manager, Norfersk A/S

Metal Conveyor Belts

QUPAQ has delivered a flexible and adjustable transport solution for chicken products to HKScan Denmark in connection with the company’s optimization of its production facilities.

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