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Denesting trays and buckets for fish and seafood

When denesting trays for fresh fish and seafood, a denester from QUPAQ is the very best solution. INTRAY and ANYTRAY are both space-saving and compact and easy to integrate into existing production lines. The machines are designed for use in industrial environments and meets the food industry’s strict hygiene requirements. The entire denesting tool can be accessed for cleaning, ensuring that all parts in contact with the trays can be kept completely clean. With QUPAQs denesters no person is in physical contact with the product throughout the process, which helps ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Electrical and pneumatic tray denesters

Every QUPAQ tray denester comes with a Denesting Tool that is customized to your specific trays. This gives you a machine that meets your individual needs. INTRAY is a 100 % electrically powered tray denester, where ANYTRAY is a pneumatic  solution – both with the same ease of use and high quality.

Hygienic denesters for the fishing industry

We never compromise on the quality of our work or machines. We know it is crucial with reliable, durable and efficient equipment in a modern food business that processes thousands of trays with fresh fish and seafood every day. Therefore, you always get the absolute best solution for tray denesting with QUPAQ.


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