Tray Loaders

QUPAQ offer a wide array of Tray Loaders to safely load your products into trays. With high speed, precision, and all the flexibility you need – now and in the future.

Need a new tray loading device for your production?

Get the Right Tray Loader

At QUPAQ, we offer a wide selection of tray loaders to safely load your trays with high speed, precision, and all the flexibility you need. Explore our Tray Loader collection below to find the perfect fit for your production line, allowing for efficient, reliable, and automatic product loading into trays. It’s safe, simple, and scalable.

Which solution is right for you?

Gentle or High Speed Loading?

Does your production need product loading into trays? Our loaders offer unparalleled precision and efficiency, simplifying the process of loading various products into trays with ease. Each of our tray loaders are designed for specific functionalities, ranging from gentle product loading to high-speed loading, all while maintaining a hygienic and easy-to-maintain design.

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