Automatic loading of new trays. Advanced INPRO Software. Up to 200 trays per minute



    Buffer Servo

    The INTRAY Buffer Servo is the ideal solution for a fast-moving production line or a line with little manpower available for tray refilling. The tray conveyor is built into the Smart Stand, which saves a lot of space and provides autonomy and automatic loading of new tray stack to the denester.

    Buffer Servo is delivered with a custom-made Smart Tool. As in all INTRAY products, the Buffer Servo has an easy to use integrated programmable control unit and can be easily cleaned. You also receive the time-saving Smart Tool. Using the Smart Tool, changing to a different tray is done in less than one minute.

    Version 2 software for Buffer Servo

    With the new version 2 software for the Buffer Servo, denesting has never been more efficient. The new intelligent software will i.e. automatically provide correction at denesting errors, which cut back on line stops and operators having to solve denesting errors.

    Servo driven denesting

    Your denesting is controlled by servo - giving you complete control of every stage of the denesting and freedom from not being dependent on compressed air. The Smart Tool is constructed to make it suitable to the tough industrial cleaning requirements in any food processing plant of today. INTRAY Buffer Servo gives you high autonomy, high speed and a highly reliable denesting solution in a very small space - fast, easy and clean.

    Product Info


    • Up to 200 trays per minute (depending on tray)
    • Quick restart at line stops and tray errors
    • Intelligent handling of tray faults (automatic homing and restart after tray failures)
    • Backup to USB
    • Multiple operator access control (password or optional RFID access)
    • Create and store recipes
    • Line signal in-/output
    • View production statistics
    • Optimized reliability and uptime
    • Optional RFID scanner for each Smart Tool (auto scan for checking the correct Smart Tool)

    Three reasons to choose INTRAY Buffer Servo

    Intelligent software

    Intelligent handling of tray faults. Backup to USB. Multiple operator access control.

    Compact solution

    Tray conveyor is built into the machine providing automatic loading of new tray stacks to the denester.


    The ideal solution for a fast-moving production line or a line with little manpower available for tray refilling.

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