Side Flex



    Side Flex

    Elevate product efficiency
    Engineered for impeccable product alignment and precise shifting, the Side Flex introduces a new standard of precision in your manufacturing process. Immerse your production line in a realm of unparalleled precision. The Side Flex is easily integrated into your existing product line, and the flexible design isn't just a feature; it's a promise of adaptability to your specific operational needs.

    Customize your needs
    Choose between the standard version with length measurement or elevate precision with the scanner option for meticulous product alignment. Further, guarantee uncompromised quality with the reject feature, ensuring products beyond specifications are eliminated.

    Product Info


    • Up to 160 products per minute (product depending)
    • Correction within +/- 60 mm
    • Flexible and adjustable conveyer: up to 20 degree tilt
    • Right or lefthanded solutions
    • Compact design with few moving parts
    • Low maintance cost
    • Hygenic design
    • Standard version with length measurement

    Three reasons to choose Side Flex

    Flexible design

    A perfect and adjustable solution designed to meet your specific needs.

    160 p/per minute

    Maximize your production precision with high-speed and automated product alignment tool. It has a capacity of up to 160 products per minute.

    Hygienic Design

    The hygienic design of the Side Flex makes cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient. This ensures a clean production area.

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