INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin

100% electrical servo denester for denesting of trays on single or double lane. Denests 200+ trays per minute.


Smart Buffer – Twin

The INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin is a 100% electrical servo driven tray denester. The machine is an ideal solution for a fast-moving production line or a line with little manpower available for tray refilling. The Smart Buffer – Twin has two integrated tray buffer lanes with independent lane drives for each buffer lane.

The INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin can be mounted in a position of 90 or 180 degree for a conveyor according to space at production facilities and other individual needs. At a 90 degree position, the INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin denests two trays onto the conveyor. At a 180 degree position, it denests two trays simultaneously in each direction onto the conveyors – one on the left lane and one on the right.

The tray conveyor is built into the Smart Stand, which saves a lot of space and provides autonomy and automatic loading of new tray stack to the denester. Buffer Twin Servo is delivered with a custom-made Smart Tool – Twin.

INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin has advanced INPRO software that automatically provides correction at denesting errors, which cut back on line stops and operators having to solve denesting errors.

Smart Buffer - Twin

Product Info


  • Up to 400 trays per minute (depending on tray)
  • Quick restart at line stops and tray errors
  • Intelligent handling of tray faults (automatic homing and restart after tray failures)
  • Backup to USB
  • Multiple operator access control (password or optional RFID access)
  • Create and store recipes
  • Line signal in-/output
  • View¬†production statistics
  • Optimized reliability and uptime
  • Optional RFID scanner for each Smart Tool (auto scan for checking the correct Smart Tool)

Three reasons to choose
INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin


Denesting of trays on single or double lane with a capacity of up to 400 trays per minute (tray depending).


Can be mounted in a position of 90 or 180 degree for a conveyor according to individual needs.


Intelligent handling of tray faults. Backup to USB. Multiple operator access control.

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