QUPAQ Cube Robot

The QUPAQ Cube Robot is a next-generation pick and place robot cell for packaging.


QUPAQ Cube Robot

The QUPAQ Cube Robot is a next-generation pick and place robot cell for packaging. It is designed to optimize EOL operations by streamlining the packaging and palletizing process, to help meet the challenges of recruitment, and to lift manufacturers’ productivity to new heights.

Who Is the Cube Made for?

The QUPAQ Cube Robot can optimize the EOL packaging processes for any company that wishes to maintain a competitive edge. However, it is especially relevant for food manufacturers of all segments that operate with high mix, low volume due to its flexibility, scalability, and mobile design. For instance, this could be producers of ready meals or fresh produce, as these types of producers use a lot of different trays, for which reason a bigger number of changeovers occur during a day.

Future-Proof Pick and Place Robot

The QUPAQ Cube Robot is one of the fastest pick and place robots on the market. Powered by a Delta robot known for its high speed and precision, the Cube offers top-tier performance with 80 repetitions per minute, and under the right circumstances, it can run 125 repetitions per minute. Additionally, you get to say goodbye to manual errors and instead, embrace precision-driven operations with an integrated 3D line scanner technology. Using its integrated line tracking, the robot can pick up items on the fly. Hence, you achieve seamless product handling and smooth box changes, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and consistent results.

Moreover, the Cube supports all major PLC brands, including Omron, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Schneider Electric, Izumi, and Mitsubishi. Its versatility allows you to work with your preferred systems, providing an easy integration and enhancing operational flexibility.



Work area:

Unlimited rotation

1650 x 1650 x 3627 mm (LxBxH)

Diameter 1200 mm/Height 225 mm

Lifting capacity:


Up to 15 kg

Up to 80 reps/min

Three reasons to Implement the QUPAQ Cube Robot in an End-of-Line Operation


The CUBE incorporates energy-saving components from Schneider Electric, among others, which contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly production process.

For example, it uses the latest ejector vacuum technology from Festo which ensures minimal air consumption when handling the workpieces. Using the CUBE in the EOL process, one can minimize energy consumption during product handling.

Easy Programming

The CUBE features an intuitive interface that allows you to set up and prepare the robot with ease. Following just three simple steps,

  1. Scanning
  2. Picking-up
  3. Placing

You will be ready to press “Save” and kickstart production without any hassles.

Time Saving

Experience great flexibility and scalability with the CUBE’s mobile design and compact footprint of less than 3 m2. You can easily move the robot cell to different production lines using a pallet jack, saving valuable time – and time is money.

The system can furthermore be set up in series on the production line, enabling shared load functionality and maximizing the utilization of square meters.

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