Smart Tool

INTRAY Smart Tool

Das Smart Tool its das Herzstück von INTRAY. Das Entstaplungswerkzeug entstapelt und befördert die einzelne Schale aus dem Stapel auf das Förderband und beinhaltet mehrere Patente.

Einfacher Schalenwechsel

Das Smart Tool ist maßgeschneidert und gewährleistet so eine perfekte Entstapelung jeder einzelnen Schale. Das Smart Tool kann in weniger als 30 Sekunden entfernt und gleichzeitig ein neues Smart Tool platziert werden. Vom Produktionsstopp bis zum Neustart dauert es nicht länger als 1 Minute.

Besseres Arbeitsumfeld

Das Smart Tool wiegt nur 12 kg, sodass das Personal Ihrer Produktionslinie es einfach und mühelos einsetzen und entfernen kann.

Controlled denesting

We designed the Smart Tool to be servo driven. You have complete control over the speed and force that the denesting tool uses to separate the tray from the stack and lead it to the conveyor belt. The Smart Tool needs no compressed air.

Hygiene is crucial

As the Smart Tool will be in direct contact with the tray, we gave the tool an open design. This enables you to clean the Smart Tool thoroughly and is your insurance that your denester is as clean and hygienic as the rest of your food processing production.

Designed for reality

Each Smart Tool is custom-made for your tray. We give you the instructions for adjusting the Smart Tool and your tray - allowing you to order spare parts or a completely new tool without having to wait for a specialized technician to come and adjust the denester manually. The instructions enable your plant technicians to assemble and adjust the denester within the hour.

Need for speed

Smart Tool can denest trays faster than any conveyor belt can remove the trays. You have the freedom to constantly improve the other elements in your production line, knowing for sure that the denester will be able to cope with a higher speed.

Three reasons to choose Smart Tool

Easy tray change

Easy tool change in less than 30 seconds


The patented open system ensures a completely clean smart tool where all parts can be thoroughly cleaned

Controlled denesting

Servo-driven tray denesting for complete control over speed and power.

Product Information


  • Smart Tool is suitable for all INTRAY denesting machines
  • Denesting capacity of up to 200 trays per minute (tray depending)
  • Easy tool change in less than 30 seconds
  • Perfect denesting of every specific tray
  • Smart Tool only weighs 12 kg/26 lbs
  • Controlled denesting
  • Hygienic design
  • Designed for reality
  • Fast tray denesting

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