1 Tool. 1 Minute. 1,000 Trays.

1,000 trays denested in 60 seconds, using a single tool.


1 Tool. 1 Minute. 1,000 Trays.

Usually, a production line runs 50-60 trays per minute. At Interpack 2023, tray denesting specialist QUPAQ will attempt to break the 1,000-tray-a-minute barrier. Will they succeed? See for yourselves on 5 May 15.00 in Hall 5 /A42.

At QUPAQ, they believe they make the best, fastest, and most reliable denesting tools. And at Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf, they are ready to prove it.

On Friday 5 May 15.00, the market-leading provider of tray denesting will engage in the ultimate stress test of the tool’s reliability: 1,000 trays denested in just one minute, using one single tray denester.

“We claim this to be the world’s fastest denesting operation ever. Therefore, we announce this as an unofficial world record. We believe it is important to continue to push innovation and highlight the importance of improving productivity, rentability, and automation for sustainable food production in the future”, says Jesper Johansen, Marketing Manager at QUPAQ.

Gravity Is the Biggest Challenge

The record attempt will be carried out with a basic denesting tool, modified to improve reliability and strength at high speed. QUPAQ specialists will load the machine and quickly remove the trays when they drop from the denesting tool.

Usually, a production line runs 50-60 trays per minute with a single tray denester. Therefore, this attempt of denesting 1,000 trays in 60 seconds will push QUPAQ to the limit. Team leader Michael Hjortlund is planning the bold attempt. In particular, he highlights one major challenge: At high speed, a tray denesting tool combats the laws of gravity:

“The tricky part is when the trays exit the denesting tool. If trays drop faster than available space, they will renest themselves midair. So, we need to remove the trays very fast to keep this from happening. At the same time, we will have to ensure rapid and accurate shifts in the loading of the trays. So, it will be a hectic attempt, which requires much preparation”, says Michael Hjortlund.

Why Attempt an Unofficial World Record?

Several food manufacturing companies still use manual labor for tray denesting. It is a challenging job and not very cost-efficient. Just consider that if this record attempt were carried out manually, it would require around 20 people to succeed.

By attempting to break the 1,000-trays-a-minute barrier with an automated tray denesting tool, QUPAQ wants to raise awareness of optimizations within food manufacturing and emphasize the innovation level needed to increase performance in the industry. In fact, automation of the denesting process is an easy optimization that benefits everyone in the value chain.

Media invitation: Record attempt & press conference

The QUPAQ event and the unofficial world record attempt will take place at Interpack 2023
in Hall 5/A42 on Friday, 5 May 15.00.

At 13.00, QUPAQ invites all journalists to join us at our stand for a press conference.
Here, QUPAQ specialists will demonstrate the tray denesting tool and answer questions regarding the technology and the record attempt.

Ready to join us for our 1,000-trays-a-minute attempt?
We guarantee this will be a very visual demonstration and quite a show!

For further information, please contact:

Jesper Johansen, Marketing Manager, QUPAQ, mail: [email protected], tel: +45 31 15 80 58


QUPAQ is the leading global provider of tray denesting and handling solutions for food producers. Every day around the world, our market-leading technology and application know-how help our customers reduce manual tray handling with automated solutions. Safely, simply, and profitably.

Tray denesting and handling are in our DNA. Formed by the merger of Intech and Carsoe’s denesting division, QUPAQ combines the best of both worlds with a product portfolio that includes the global leader in electrical denesting equipment, INTRAY, and the worldwide leader of pneumatic denesting equipment, ANYTRAY. We developed and pioneered both denesting technologies and will continue to innovate, service, and lead in both.

Our product portfolio comprises the world’s most extensive modular range of denesters, conveyors, and equipment for efficient tray handling.


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