What will QUPAQ have on display at PACK EXPO 24?

PACK EXPO 24 is held November 3-6 in Chicago. QUPAQ is at LU-8552 in Lakeside Upper at McCormick Place.

Pack Expo 24

Safe. Simple. Scalable.

PACK EXPO 24 is held November 3-6 in Chicago. QUPAQ is happy to announce that we will be there with a booth this year, as part of the Danish Pavilion arranged by the Confederation of Danish Industry. QUPAQ is at LU-8552 in Lakeside Upper at McCormick Place.

We look forward to demonstrating a few of our technologies – including our latest addition in our product portfolio: The INTRAY Smart Tool – Flex. We also bring the QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor, INTRAY Smart Buffer and a standard INTRAY Smart Tool.

With these we can demonstrate more or less any use case surrounding tray denesting and tray loading for food manufacturing. We will focus on the wide variety of tray types used on the market today.

“There is a huge focus on sustainability within food packaging these years and new tray types and materials keep emerging. It is vital to us and our customers that we design and innovate packaging machinery that can adapt to what is still to come. That’s what QUPAQ is all about: Building flexible packaging machines with a vast array of capabilities that solves the business needs within food manufacturing.” says Marketing Manager at QUPAQ, Jesper Johansen.

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It can be a long and expensive process to adjust a manufacturing line for new tray types and materials while maintaining high capacity, reliability and hygienic efforts. This have still kept many U.S. Food manufacturers from automating these operations. But with rising labor costs automation will become a necessity to maintain a competitive edge.

Automation is safe, simple and scalable.

“Automating tray denesting and tray loading is a highly proven and reliable use case today. It is easy to implement and frees up so much value in the workforce, to work in other places on the line. A single tray denester can denest more than 100 trays per minute. And a tray denester today can denest even some of the most difficult trays on the market.” says Jesper Johansen.

So, automating tray packaging can be considered a pretty safe investment. The technology is simple to implement, use and changeover and it can scale with production needs on capacity, trays and even layout. That’s why the theme of the QUPAQ booth is: Safe. Simple. Scalable.

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“This is nothing new – we have said that about our products for years. But perhaps the words have never sounded as true as they do now. If you use automation already for these operations or not, flexibility may not be as embedded as it should be to scale and grow with the market and consumer demands.”

The American Way

One thing QUPAQ have noticed about the American market is that flat foil-wrapped foam trays is used more than in Europe.

“Flat trays can still be difficult to denest automatically, but we have done it several times before – both foam, cardboard, aluminum and PET. But they can also be difficult to load properly. That’s why we will bring along our QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor for PACK EXPO!”

The QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor is a fast and versatile machine that loads products into trays or onto paperboards of flat foam trays. Easy to maintain and changeover for different products, trays or loading patterns the QUPAQ Shuttle Loader is a strong choice for any food manufacturer running many different product types on the same line.

“It is a proven solution and a product we have had in our portfolio for years, with a few modifications and innovations. We have sold many of these machines as it is just so good. Reliable, robust and ready to perform. If you attend PACK EXPO make sure you come and see this.” says Jesper Johansen from QUPAQ.

LU-8552 in Lakeside Upper

PACK EXPO is held in Chicago which is also the city of QUPAQ Inc. and our American office. Our booth is LU-8552 in Lakeside Upper at the McCormick Place in Chicago.

“The companies we serve in the U.S. generates 33% of the entire U.S. Meat Market revenue. QUPAQ is therefore already serving some major players and we would love to be able to serve a lot more with our core expertise within tray packaging for mutual benefits.” ends Jesper Johansen.

If you want to visit us and need a ticket for the exhibition please contact us and we will extend an invite.

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What will QUPAQ have on display at PACK EXPO 24?

PACK EXPO 24 is held November 3-6 in Chicago. QUPAQ is at LU-8552 in Lakeside Upper at McCormick Place.

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