Getting Ready for Interpack 2023

QUPAQ will be well-prepared for Interpack 23 in Düsseldorf, Germany. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand – A42 in hall 5.

Plan and Execute Carefully

Preparing for one of the world’s largest trade fairs for Processing and Packaging is something that takes time to do right. And we want to do it right! So, we are happy to be able to give you some insights into what we will bring to Interpack 23.

We hope our overall concept will inspire and motivate everyone to keep pushing the limits, stay innovative and ensure a profitable Food Industry in the years to come.

Reliable in Every Aspect

We have worked hard on building our theme for Interpack. Our overall theme is ‘Reliability’. Reliability means 3 different things for us:

Our product portfolio of tray denesters and product loading systems is very reliable – they just keep on going with very little downtime, and changeovers can be done in mere minutes.

We handle a wide array of trays including materials and shapes that traditionally can be difficult to automatically denest. We travel the extra mile to properly test and evaluate any tray inquired, to ensure a reliable project with no hidden issues.

With QUPAQ you get a reliable and trustworthy partner. We remain loyal to both customers, partners and resellers and protect any project detail and knowledge from being disclosed. We understand that our technology can bring an advantage to the competition.

Reliability in both product, project and partnerships is so important to us and a core value for everyone at QUPAQ. Being reliable is something we want to be closely connected to QUPAQ as a brand. Quality Quantified implies reliability in every aspect.

The Events at the Stand

The QUPAQ stand is of course open for all to visit for the entire duration of Interpack. We have a very large video-wall to highlight various aspects and cases of the technologies we bring. And also showcase some of the technologies we are not bringing along this time.

The technologies at display are: MANGLER LINKS

  • ANYTRAY Portion-2-Pack 60
  • StarWheel Trayturner
  • INTRAY Buffer Servo
  • ANYTRAY CleanLine Rack (with flatskin dispensing)

All proven, versatile and reliable products that cover most aspects of Tray Denesting and loading of products. We have scheduled indepth presentations of each product daily. You can follow the events we have for interpack here:

We do have another larger event for Interpack planned. This will take place Friday May 5th at 15.00. It will be quite a show, so please allocate this time in your calendar already – you don’t want to miss this! QUPAQ is performing a world-record attempt denesting 1,000 trays in 1 minute using a single tool.

Read: 1 Tool. 1 Minute. 1,000 Trays – Will QUPAQ break the barrier at Interpack?

Accommodation Zone

On the right side of our stand, we have an accommodation zone for casual inspiring talks and where you can get connected with our Partner Program. QUPAQ have partners all over the world and we work closely together on projects. We are always looking for more partners to join the Partner Program.

Next to the bar there is a another large screen showing you our partners from around the world. You will also find more inspiration for the many trays our products support.

The zone also presents a lot of various physical trays and materials. These will give you direct insight into our product flexibility and capability. Tray denesting can seem a bit abstract if we don’t share the same view of the tray in question. Let us align the possibilities.

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

Interpack 23 is taking place May 4th to May 10th in Düsseldorf, Germany. And we can’t wait! Interpack is always a thrilling experience and we want to position QUPAQ as THE most reliable provider of tray denesting, product loading and End-of-line equipment.


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