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The Mutual Benefits of Being a Preferred Partner at QUPAQ


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QUPAQ, the leading provider of innovative denesters and tray handling solutions, has formed strong partnerships with distributors worldwide. These partnerships bring mutual benefits, as highlighted by success stories from Juelconcept in Spain, Steen FoodTec in Germany, and Empirical Packaging Solutions in the USA.

From quick installations and exceptional customer service to shared values and expertise, QUPAQs preferred partners enjoy seamless integration, reliable performance, and a collaborative approach to exceed customer expectations.

Juelconcept: Delivering Added Value and Reliability

Intrigued by the innovative features of the INTRAY denesters and QUPAQs commitment to provide added value, Juelconcept, who sought to differentiate themselves in the Spanish market by offering exceptional value and innovative solutions, joined QUPAQs partner program in early 2020.

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Since becoming a partner, there is especially one experience with a customer that Ulrik Juel, CEO of Juelconcept, is notably proud of. It is about the number one beef company in Spain, EC Medina, to whom Juelconcept sold a production line.

EC Medina’s factory in Buñol, Valencia in Spain.

When asked about what he values the most about the partnership, Ulrik highlights the professionalism:

“It’s the professional way QUPAQ does things: there are clear guidelines and I especially like the fact that when they send out equipment, it has been thoroughly tested. That’s one of the things you appreciate as a distributor. It’s like plug-and-play, a quick installation. And the success rate and customer satisfaction are incredibly high, so it’s a good experience”.

Ulrik furthermore adds that the professionalism is reflected in the atmosphere around QUPAQ:

“They’re a good team that works well together, they’re experts in their field, there’s a good work environment and there’s excitement; they’re all driven. And it doesn’t matter if you call late or early in the day, there’s always someone who’s willing to help. They’re all incredibly committed and professional.”

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Altogether, Ulrik concludes that it is the seamless design, ease of use, and reliable performance of QUPAQ’s machines combined with the professionalism that impressed Juelconcept, making QUPAQ one of their top brands in their portfolio.

Steen FoodTec: Innovative Solutions and Exceptional Customer Service

Steen FoodTec’s recognition of QUPAQ’s capabilities, including their expertise and high-quality equipment, led to a smooth integration of QUPAQ’s solutions into their product portfolio. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are the countries that Steen FoodTec focuses on, and their biggest customers are Tönnies, Vion Food Group, and Wiesenhof Group.

Jesper Steen is far left together with Lars Zederkof from QUPAQ, Marcin Królicki from Premac and Lars Kofoed from Bunzl. The image was taken at the annual Partner Conference held at QUPAQ in january 2023.

“We always put the customer first. QUPAQ are good at listening to the customers and the market’s needs, and we are not afraid to take on new tasks,” says the CEO of Steen FoodTec, Jesper Steen Christensen.

The partnership between Steen FoodTec and QUPAQ goes back to 2017 and is driven by their mutual commitment to exceed customer expectations:

Jesper believes that the partnership creates added value as both parties pay attention to detail, innovation, and the ensuring of a smooth customer experience. Altogether, this is what he reckons distinguishes QUPAQ from competing companies:

“This differentiates us – and now I always say us – it’s because I don’t really consider myself a partner. I consider myself as a part of the team in QUPAQ, and not just a distributor. I act on our behalf, and not just on behalf of Steen FoodTec. It’s about our interests in the market and our service to customers. The team that I belong to is QUPAQs team,” says Jesper, putting a great emphasis on the existing team spirit.

Empirical Packaging Solutions: Shared Values and Boots on the Ground

“What do QUPAQ bring to us? Best-in-class denesters and tray handling solutions.” This is the opinion of Tony Hodson, CEO and Director of Engineering at Empirical Packaging Solutions who are working with big customers in the food industry like Bakkavor, Bowery Farming, and VAN’s Kitchen.

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At Empirical Packaging Solutions, they want to provide their customers with the best solutions, and by recognizing QUPAQ as the epitome of quality in denesting and tray handling, they decided to team up to deliver first-rate solutions to the North American food industry in 2020.

The INTRAY Smart Servo at one of the Bakkavor production sites.

The partnership between Empirical Packaging Solutions and QUPAQ allows customers to benefit from the combined expertise of the two companies: Empirical Packaging Solutions’ geographical market knowledge, combined with QUPAQs innovative denesting and handling solutions. As Tony comments:

“We’ve got over 30 years of experience in providing solutions. We know everybody, and we know all the customers. And if you try and launch a product to a different country, what you need are ‘boots on the ground’. So, what we’re giving to QUPAQ is the geographical market knowledge. And what do QUPAQ bring to us? Best-in-class denesters, which furthermore supports our own brand as us representing best-in-class products.”

From left to right: Gary Tufnell from Sealpac UK, Tony Hodson from Empirical Packaging Solutions, Ulrik Juel from Juelconcept and Gruff James from Sealpac UK. Another picture taken at QUPAQs annual partner conference.

This furthermore aligns with the shared values of both companies, to which Patrick Innes, President and Director of Sales at Empirical Packaging Solutions, state:

“We put customers first. We represent solutions that are based on experience, and through that we can provide factual analyses to our customers. We’re not basing it on assumptions, we’re basing it on experience and things that we’ve used and worked well with. We always want to make sure that the customers are looked after, and that is of course a very similar philosophy to QUPAQs.”

Therefore, by fostering strong relationships with preferred partners, QUPAQ continues to provide outstanding solutions, push the boundaries of innovation, and deliver remarkable results in the global market. Together, these partnerships exemplify the principle that two heads are indeed better than one, leading to mutual growth for both QUPAQ and its preferred partners.

Looking to take part in QUPAQ’s Preferred Partner Program?

Here is what QUPAQ will deliver:

  • Strong customer service and support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong reputation in the industry
  • Ability to consistently meet delivery deadlines
  • Ability to provide ongoing training and technical support
  • Emphasis on safety and compliance with industry regulations
  • Flexibility to customize solutions based on standard products for specific customer needs

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Thomsen
Area Sales Manager

+45 2711 8112

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