ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push

ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push, a versatile solution for seamless tray handling, ensuring consistent supply and adaptability in tight spaces.

Tray denesting and buffer solution

Pushing Efficiency

The ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push ensures a consistent supply of trays to the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool, reaching speeds of up to 120 trays per minute. Available in left and right versions, this automatic feeding system minimizes manual intervention and reduces operating costs. The ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push enables the buffer to stand parallel to the conveyor, which is ideal in some production layouts.

The ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push is easily integrated into any existing production line, and the systems automatic feeding of trays to the tool streamlines workflow, while the quick one-minute changeover betweem tray variations minimizes production stops.

Versatile Tray Denesting Solution

Capable of handling trays of various sizes and shapes, including specialized types like triangle trays, it offers flexibility to meet diverse production needs. Optimize your production lines with the ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push, a reliable solution designed for efficiency and adaptability.

Handcrafted in Denmark using stainless steel, the ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push features a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and hygienic design, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your production environment.

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Technical Specifications

Weight of machine

Approx. 345 kg

Tray length – max length

360 mm

Tray width – max width

280 mm

Infeed height

900 mm +/- 250 mm

Outfeed height

900 mm +/- 250 mm

Power supply

1×100-240 VAC+N+PE

Power consumption

3.7 A

Max fuse

13 A


50 Hz

Max short circuit current (Ik max)

6 kA

Voltage for valves

24 V DC

Air consumption

300 L (120 tray/minute)

Air pressure

7 Bar

Operational temperature


Stock temperature




Noise level

< 80 dB (A)

Steel quality

EN 1.4301, AISI 304


ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push

Three Reasons to Choose the
ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push


The hygienic design of the ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push makes cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient. This ensures a clean production area.


The ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push is a buffer solution made to fit in tight spaces. The sidepush solution adds flexibility when building your production line.


Maximize your production capacity with high-speed, automated tray denesting. The ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Push has a capacity of 120 trays per minute.

Other Variants

ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer

Supported Tools

ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool

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