ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin

Double your denesting efficiency with the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin, the ideal solution for high-capacity productions in tight spaces.

High capacity tray denesting

Increase Efficiency with Twin Denesting

Looking for a denesting solution similar to the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool but need to denest more trays simultaneously? Enter the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin, tailored for high-capacity productions with a consistent tray flow in confined spaces.

This solution ensures minimal maintenance, exceptional uptime, and is the straightforward choice for food manufacturers seeking a reliable pneumatic denesting solution that optimizes space usage.

Combine the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin with the ANYTRAY Cleanline Rack – Twin, when you need reliable high capacity denesting with a small footprint.

Automatic Tray Feeding

If you aim to minimize manual intervention or just need a more reliable solution, pair the ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin with the ANYTRAY Cleanline Buffer – Twin for automatic tray feeding. This guarantees a seamless production flow and reduced operating costs.

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Technical Specifications

Weight of machine

Approx. 42 kg

Tray length – max length

310 mm

Tray width – max width

250 mm

Power supply


Air consumption

300 L (120 trays/minute)

Air pressure

6 Bar

Operational temperature


Stock temperature




Noise level

< 70 dB (A)

Steel quality

EN 1.4301, AISI 304

Three Reasons to Choose the
ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin


The perfect tray denester for a production line with a steady flow of trays along with limited space.


The long-lasting design, built with few mowing parts keeps your production running smoothly with few production stops and low maintenance cost.


The ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Twin is easily integrated into your existing production line. A compact solution for optimized space usage.

Other Variants

ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool – Flatskin

ANYTRAY Cleanline Tool

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