QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact

The QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact is an automatic tray loading system with a speed of up to 135 trays per minute.


QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact

The QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact system is designed for high volume production of batches of minced products.

The QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact is an automatic tray-filling system that forwards portions/products from your portioning system, fills the portions/product into trays, and delivers them to your tray sealer at a speed of up to 135 trays per minute.

It includes an intelligent electrical control system and allows for manual refilling of trays into the ANYTRAY Tool.

This results in an easy, one-minute switch between different tray sizes.

Automated processing lines

Our QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact system can easily be integrated in existing production/packing lines. The system can handle trays of different sizes and shapes and can be made to fit your exact requirements.

As an extra bonus, this system features a hygienic design and very few moving parts. This means low maintenance costs for you.

The machine is handcrafted in Denmark.

Technical Specifications

Weight of machine

Approx. 450 kg

Tray length – max length

325 mm

Tray width – max width

265 mm

Infeed height

800 mm +/-150 mm

Outfeed height

800 mm +/-150 mm

Power supply

3×400 VAC+N+PE

Power consumption

3 A

Max fuse

13 A


50 Hz

Max short circuit current (Ik max)

6 kA

Voltage for valves

24 V DC

Air consumption

200 L (120 trays/min)

Air pressure

6 Bar

Operational temperature


Stock temperature




Noise level

< 80 dB (A)

Steel quality

AISI 304

Three reasons to choose
QUPAQ Fast Loader – Compact


The hygienic design of the QUPAQ Fast Loader – Advanced makes cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient. This ensures a clean porduction area.


The long-lasting design, built with few mowing parts keeps your production running smoothly with few production stops and low maintenance costs


The QUPAQ Fast Loader – Advanced is easily integrated into your existing production or packing lines to optimized your production flow and output.

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