INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo

Maximize operational uptime with the INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo, an intelligent denesting solution tailored for limited spaces and a consistent tray flow.

Maximize results

Exceptional Operational Uptime

The INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo is the perfect solution for a production line with limited space and a steady flow of trays.

The heart of the INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo lies in the INTRAY Smart Tool – an intelligently designed denesting tool that can be effortlessly changes within a minute. By using the recipe control, this enables you to run a flexible production with fast and easy tray switches by changing the tools and recipe.

Servo Driven Intelligence

The tray denester is servo driven, which gives you complete control of every stage of the denesting. The intelligent software provides automatically correction of denesting errrors, which enables you to run a reliable, hands-free production with amazing operational uptime.

Handcrafted in Denmark using stainless steel, the INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo features a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and hygienic design, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your production environment.

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Three Reasons to Choose the
INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo


Complete denesting control at every stage of the process with servo-driven technology. Capable of handling multiple recipes for maximum adaptability.


The intelligent software enables the INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo to automatically correct even the rarest denesting errors.


The INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo is the perfect solution for productions in need of a steady flow of trays, adaptability, and impeccable reliability at limited spaces.

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Supported Tools

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