INTRAY Smart Rack

The INTRAY Smart Rack is the perfect solution for production lines with limited space and a need for a steady flow of trays. Ensure your efficiency with an automatic denester.

100% electrical denesting

Reliable and Flexible Denesting

Unlock a new dimension of efficiency in your production line with the INTRAY Smart Rack – an advanced denesting solution designed to ensure a steady and uninterrupted flow of trays. Crafted with precision and innovation, this denester is a promise of reliability in a confined space.

The heart of the INTRAY Smart Rack lies in the INTRAY Smart Tool – an intelligently designed denesting tool that can be effortlessly changes within a minute. Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of manual processes as you embrace a denesting solution that enhance your production workflow.

Easy Integration with a Small Footprint

The compact design enables the INTRAY Smart Rack to be integrated into any existing packaging lines, boasting a capacity of up to 70 trays per minute (depending on specifications).

Handcrafted in Denmark using stainless steel, the INTRAY Smart Rack features a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and hygienic design, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your production environment.

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Three Reasons to Choose the
INTRAY Smart Rack


The INTRAY Smart Rack is easy to operate using only simple controls. No need for an engineering degree. It’s automation made easy.


The long-lasting design, built with few mowing parts keeps your production running smoothly with few production stops and low maintenance cost.


The INTRAY Smart Rack is easily integrated into your existing production. We can still ensure a steady flow of trays at limited spaces.

Other Variants

INTRAY Smart Rack – Twin

INTRAY Smart Rack – Servo

QUPAQ Easy Loader

Supported Tools

INTRAY Smart Tool

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