Legacy Meets Innovation: Adopting New Names

At QUPAQ, we’re streamlining the product categorization and adopting a simple and unified structure for naming our products.

LEAders in denesting innovation

New Names – Same Trusted Solutions

In 2021, the fusion of Intech and Carsoe’s denesting division gave birth to QUPAQ, a brand poised to enhance the packaging equipment industry. QUPAQ has since been known for the legacy brands, INTRAY and ANYTRAY. Two brands that represent the best electrical and pneumatic denesters in the world. But QUPAQ is so much more than tray denesting, and now we are taking a bold step forward.

Keeping the Old, Welcoming the New

The time has come to embrace the strength of the core – QUPAQ. Known for reliable packaging, innovative and versatile solutions, as well as ‘Quality Quantified’ products. QUPAQ is no longer just about mastering tray denesting; it’s about providing complete solutions from start to finish: ‘from Processing to Sealing’ and beyond.

We’ve decided to simplify the product categorization, making it more transparent and easier to navigate for our customers. Instead of categorizing our product portfolio in INTRAY or ANYTRAY, we’ve aligned this categorization with the sequential workflow of a packaging line.

New Product Categorization ‘From Processing to Sealing’

So how do you categorize the workflow of a packaging line? We have decided to segment it like this:

Tray Denesters – Tray Loaders – Tray Handling – Conveyors – End of Line

The Tray Denesters kickstart the packaging process, offering a diverse range of both electrical and pneumatic options, along with specialized Denesting Tools. Following these are our Tray Loaders, ensuring precise product loading into trays. Subsequently, the Tray Handling and Conveyors become essential in aligning and moving trays for the sealing phase.

Post-sealing, our range of End of Line equipment ensures smooth transitioning and packaging of the finalized trays.

What is a Tray Denester?

A Tray Denester consists of two parts: A Denesting Tool and either a rack or a buffer.

The tool is the replaceable component in the tray denester. Tools are designed and customized for each specific tray.

The rack or buffer describes the machinery in which the tool integrates, and together they form the tray denester. In other words, a Tray Denester is the whole package – the combination of a rack or a buffer and a tool. 

QUPAQ deliver 3 formfactors:

ANYTRAY Cleanline

Different Variations of the Same Product?

Some products come in different models, like the INTRAY Smart Buffer, which can be a servo variant, have a tray pusher, or even come as a twin variant. The different versions are mentioned in the product name after a hyphen, so you can easily find what you need.

INTRAY Smart Buffer – Servo
INTRAY Smart Buffer – Twin
or INTRAY Smart Buffer – Push

In addition to this all our products are typically adaptable: available in different heights, lengths, left or right orientated as well as several options can be bought as add-ons.

New Names, Same Great Products

The machinery, parts, and functionality of our products remain constant; only the names have evolved. This means that not all our products retain their previous names. We are waving goodbye to some of the known names, but we are holding on to the same trusted solutions.

In the future QUPAQ will follow a unified structure in naming our products.


e.g., QUPAQ Flex Loader

In essence, the new naming structure and product categorization promises an enhanced, unified, and customer-friendly experience as you explore our product portfolio. We welcome the new beginnings at QUPAQ; where innovation meets simplicity, and every product tells a story of reliability and efficiency. It’s Quality Quantified!

we can match your needs too

Explore Our Range of Products Here

Tray Denesters

Discover precision and efficiency with the best, fastest, and most versatile Tray Denesters on the market.

Tray Loaders

QUPAQ offer a wide array of Tray Loaders to safely load your products into trays. With high speed, precision, and all the flexibility you need – now and in the future.

Tray Handling

QUPAQ’s food packaging expertise extends beyond denesting. We also automate the flow of trays and cases to minimize manual labor and maximize production efficiencies.


A Conveyor is more than moving products from A to B. Sometimes product loading can be done directly on the line. That’s Safe, Simple, and Scalable.

End of Line

Finish your packaging line with precision, reliability, and efficiency. QUPAQ’s robotics and intelligent software, ensure accuracy, speed, and adaptability with our End of Line equipment.

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