ANUGA FoodTec 2024: Here We Come!

QUPAQ will of course be at ANUGA FoodTec 2024, and we are ready to show you our booth and present some of the events and demonstrations that will take place during the trade fair.

Hall 6.1 – C-101

We look very much forward to this years ANUGA FoodTec. It has been a challenge to build a concept as strong as we had at Interpack 23, where we set an official World Record denesting 1.094 trays in 60 seconds. But at QUPAQ, we always have a trick or two up our sleeves.

During the 4 days in Cologne, 19-22 March, we will bring technologies never showcased before in public. And on March 19, we will do a product launch unveiling our newest addition to our product portfolio: The QUPAQ Flex Loader.

QUPAQ Flex Loader

With its high flexibility and agile design, the QUPAQ Flex Loader takes tray loading speed to new heights while staying incredibly reliable.

The QUPAQ Flex Loader will be unveiled and demonstrated at ANUGA FoodTec 2024 at our booth C-101 in Hall 6.1. This will happen Tuesday, March 19, at 14.00. We will make quite a spectacle and show, and everyone is invited in the celebrations.

But the most important part is to see the QUPAQ Flex Loader in action. We will demonstrate a whole new take on smooth tray loading able to take tray loading speeds beyond what we know as the standard today.

Other Technologies on Display

We bring these technologies to ANUGA FoodTec in Cologne:

Of course, the QUPAQ Flex Loader is the main attraction. With the ANYTRAY LeanOne Buffer attached to feed trays into the loading system, we will showcase flexibility throughout. The LeanOne formfactor allows for turning the tool to switch trays from long side to short side leading in no time.

The QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor is a system that can be used for both product alignment on conveyors as well as loading products into trays or onto paperboards. This is also a highly flexible system able to handle many recipes and tray types on the fly, while taking up very little space in the production layout.

At last, we also have an INTRAY Smart Buffer with us, but the main focus will be the tool inside it, the INTRAY Smart Tool – Flex. We will not say more about this, you have to see it for yourself…

Flexibility – Down the Line

The main topic and theme for QUPAQ at ANUGA FoodTec 2024 is ‘Flexibility’. This applies to the following:

  • Flexibility embedded in the packaging technology, making them agile and adaptable for many use cases without major customizations and modifications.
  • Flexibility as a modular approach to interconnect tray denesters, tray loaders, and end of line equipment.
  • Flexibility in tray types, materials, sizes, and shapes to run on the same line without any hassle.
  • Flexibility as a business partner to meet the requirements and overperform.

All in all, food manufacturing will always need optimizing packaging flows, be cost-effective and push the boundaries of what is possible to get and edge on the competition. This requires a great deal of flexibility throughout the value chain being able to adapt and building agile production lines.

Flexibility – Down the Line.

Ministry of Love – 101

Yes, our Booth number is C-101. Not to be mistaken with Orwell’s Room 101, ours will be a much more pleasant experience. You can see the booth at the picutres below – please take note, that the technologies depicted is not the right ones.

The booth is 60 square meters and we decided to divide it into 2 zones, to make room for a stage on the lefthand side, with a large video-wall behind it. The stage is angled at 45 degrees, so people can gather around in the aisles.

This stage is needed for our show on March 19 at 14.00, where we will unveil the QUPAQ Flex Loader. The stage will also be used for other events and demonstrations during the fair.

On the right we have a podium with the QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor and INTRAY Smart Buffer. You will also find our service area, where you can get a drink and a talk about the wonderful world of automation within food manufacturing.

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