QUPAQ’s Technologies at ANUGA FoodTec 2024

Get ready to see the best automatic packaging solutions first hand in hall 6.1, booth C-101 at ANUGA FoodTec 2024. QUPAQ will be showcasing and demonstrating various products from our portfolio.

HALL 6.1 BOOTH C-101

Flexibility – Down the Line

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We are gearing up for ANUGA FoodTec 2024, and you may have heard that we will be unveiling our new QUPAQ Flex Loader. A Tray Loader that redefines flexibility and capability with its agile design and remarkable speed. It is an automated solution that accommodate various products and tray types, which ensure unparalleled versatility while maintaining both speed and utmost reliability.

We will unveil and demonstrate the QUPAQ Flex Loader on March 19 at 14:00, Hall 6.1 Booth C-101.

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But the QUPAQ Flex Loader is not the only star shining in Hall 6.1, Booth C-101. We are proud to present the booth theme: ‘Flexibility – Down the Line’. A theme that encapsulates our commitment to flexibility not only as a supplier and business partner, but also embedded in our range of technology; from machines that integrates easily across production lines to modular configurations and adaptable recipe control.

‘Its Flexibility – Down the Line’.

What Are We Showcasing at Booth C-101?

But Flexibility – Down the Line extends further than the QUPAQ Flex Loader alone. We are proud of our width of capabilities at QUPAQ, and our repertoire includes Tray Denesters, Tray Loaders, various Tray Handling and Conveyor solutions, as well as End of Line equipment. At this years Anuga FoodTec exhibition, we’re proud to showcase and demonstrate ‘Flexibility – Down the Line’ with the following technologies:

ANYTRAY LeanOne Buffer

The ANYTRAY LeanOne Buffer, in conjunction with the ANYTRAY LeanOne Tool, embodies efficiency and precision in pneumatic tray denesting.

Whether handling trays of varying shapes, sizes, or materials, the ANYTRAY LeanOne Buffer and ANYTRAY LeanOne Tool deliver consistent performance and reliability, with a capacity to match any Tray Loaders needs. In addition to fast change-overs between tools, flexibility is furthermore embedded by the LeanOne formfactors opportunity to turn the ANYTRAY LeanOne Tool 90 degrees, making it possible to switch from long side leading to short side leading in a matter of minutes without turning the entire solution.

The Tray Denester combination will be showcased together with the new QUPAQ Flex Loader making it the perfect dynamic duo. Don’t miss the show, when the QUPAQ Flex Loader is unveiled and demonstrated together with the denesting combo on March 19 at 14:00 – Hall 6.1 Booth C-101.

QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor

The QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor stands as another testament to versatility and adaptability in packaging automation. With a capacity of up to 240 products per minute, this conveyor system offers flexibility in accommodating diverse product and loading configurations.

At this years ANUGA FoodTec exhibition you will be able to explore how the QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor work, as well as its versatility and flexibility will be showcased by handling 4 different tray types and recipes on the same machine.

The QUPAQ Shuttle Conveyor is the perfect match whether you need aligning products from single lane to multi lane or integrating it as a tray loading conveyor. Come see for yourself.

INTRAY Smart Buffer – Servo

In addition to the above technologies, we’ll also bring technology from the Smart form factor. At Booth C-101, we’ll be showcasing the INTRAY Smart Buffer – Servo in conjuction with the new INTRAY Smart Tool – Flex.

Specific details about the new INTRAY Smart Tool – Flex remains a surprise for you to experience. What we can say is: this Tray Denester represents the best of electrical denesting, and this new INTRAY Smart Tool – Flex is a testament to another milestone within flexible tray denesting innovation and technology.

See You Soon at ANUGA FoodTec 2024

We hope to see all industry professionals in Hall 6.1, Booth C-101 to learn more about the future of flexible packaging solutions. At QUPAQ, flexibility isn’t just a concept – it’s a commitment that extends throughout our product portfolio: Down the Line.

We would love to hear more about your operations and explore the opportunity to take Flexibility – Down the Line to new heights with our fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.


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